Summer Internship cum Training in

Python Developer

Complete Hands-On Python Scripting, Application Development with Tkinter, Turtle, Image Processing & Django for Web Development to become of Python Programming

What will you learn?

Python ScriptingDjango: Models, Models-Templates-Views,
Application Development using TkinterDjango: Forms, Validation, Model Forms
Python Games using TurtleDjango: Relative URL Templates
Python Database Integration (SQLite, MySQL)Django: User Management, passwords, logins
Python Advanced APIsDjango: CBVs, CRUD Views
Python for Web DevelopmentDjango: Admin, Admin Templates
Flask: Routing, Variable Rules, URL Building, HTTP MethodsDjango: Deploying on Web server
Flask: Templates, Static Files, Request Objects, Sending Form Data to TemplatesDeploying Website on server
Flask: Cookies, Sessions, Redirection, Errors, Message FlashingPython for Image Processing: Enhancement, Segmentation, Morphology
Flask: File Uploading, Mails, Database IntegrationLive Video/Image Processing
Flask: Deploying on Web-serverObject Detection, Image Recognition
Django: URL Mappings, Templates, Static FilesBonus: Linux & Shell Scripting, AWS Cloud

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Python Training in Jaipur

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together. Python’s simple, easy to learn syntax emphasises readability and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance. Python supports modules and packages, which encourages program modularity and code reuse. The Python interpreter and the extensive standard library are available in source or binary form without charge for all major platforms, and can be freely distributed. Often, programmers fall in love with Python because of the increased productivity it provides.


  • Web and Internet Development
  • Scientific and Numeric
  • Desktop GUIs
  • Software Development
  • Business Applications
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Internet of Things
  • Embedded System Hardware Middleware

Summer Internship

EXACKT TECHFLEETERS offering Summer Internship and Training for Python Programming in Jaipur. The program is available in both Online and Offline modes. Our key emphasis is to make students Learn Practically by doing themselves. To facilitate this, we have designed course modules to complete in Triple Quick Time with a 3-D approach of Learning.

  1. Training in at-least three modules to cover TECHNOLOGY Practically PRO Modules with GLOBAL CERTIFICATION*
  2. Mentoring you to develop your projects not for name sake, or Google copied
  3. Build your interview skills with special sessions and…. you are INDUSTRY READY
Course Details
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  • Course Content
  • FAQs
Key Benefits for Students
  • Instructor-Led Live Training Sessions
  • 24x7 Library Access
  • Certificate of Internship after completion
  • Live Project based Training
  • Project Support and Lifetime Membership with EXACKT's Skill Development Program (ESDP)
  • Interview preparation and Job Assistance
Python Developer (Module-1) 15 Days/45 Hours
  • Linux & Shell Scripting
  • Python Data Types, Operators, Keywords
  • Control Statements, Comprehensions
  • Functions: Built-in, user-defined,
  • Annonymous Functions, Generatros
  • Modules & Packages, User defined modules
  • Function Decorators, Error Handling
  • File Handling,
  • Object Oriented Python
  • Python Database Integration (SQLite, MySQL)
  • GUI Development using Tkinter, Turtle/Kiwy
  • Python Advanced APIs
  • 11+ Practical Hands-On Exercises Sheet
  • 5+ Projects
Python Developer (Module-2) 15 Days/60 Hours
  • Introduction with HTML CSS
  • Python Flask Application
  • Flask: Routing, Variable Rules, URL Building, HTTP Methods
  • Flask: Templates, Static Files, Request Objects, Sending Form Data to Templates
  • Flask: Cookies, Sessions, Redirections, Erros, Message Flashing
  • Flask: File Uploading, Mails, Database Integration
  • Flask: Deploying on Webserver
  • Python Django Applications
  • Django: URL Mappings, Templates, Static Files
  • Django: Models, Models-Templates-Views,
  • Django: Forms, Validation, Model Forms
  • Django: Relative URL Templates
  • Django: User Management, passwords, logins
  • Django: CBVs, CRUD Views
  • Django: Admin, Admin Templates
  • Django: Deploying on Webserver
  • AWS Cloud Servers
  • 14+ Practical Hands-On Exercises
  • 8+ Projects
Python Developer (Module-3) 15 Days/45 Hours
  • Python Numpy, OpenCV, Scikit-Image, Matplotlib Modules
  • Image Processing Fundamentals
  • Image I/O, Enhancements, Geometric Transformations
  • Image Segmentation, Morphology,
  • Feature Detection, Matching
  • Live Video Image Processing
  • Object Detection, Image Recogntion
  • 25+ Practical Hands-On Exercises Sheets
  • 9+ Projects

This program is divided into multiple modules. Students may opt for single module in sequence for online sessions.

SITP – Python Developer

Q. Who can attend this program?
Ans. Students of Under Graduate/Post Graduate Programs seeking an Internship and any computer hobbyist who is willing to make his/her career in this domain can join this program.

Q. What are the key pre-requisites for this training?
Ans. A zeal to learn about new things.

Q. If we come in a group, is there any discounts in training fees?
Ans. YES!! We provide an additional discount of 5% and 10% with a group of 5 and 10 respectively for our Classroom based offline training.

Q. How can I register for this program?
Ans. Its very simple, just click on "Pay & Register" and you will be redirected to our Registration Page, there just follow the instructions and you will be done.

Q. Explain about modules hierarchy?
Ans. For every program we have at-least one or multiple modules just to break-down the course to make it convenient for students those who want to learn small or particular portion of course. Although, it is always advised that you should opt for complete module as, we have designed the curriculum in such a way that each and every session would be a great benefit in terms of gaining new skills and upgradation of knowledge.

Q. What is Global Certification Option?
Ans. Global Certification are provided by renowned organizations or institutions. We are authorized training delivery partner for some of these. If one wants to get Global Certification, he/she need to tell in prior to attend the Certification Exam, whose fees to be submitted separately (and surely with a huge discount in exam fee, as we are partners with them)

Q. Can I join multiple programs?
Ans. Ans. Surely YES!! But only thing you need to take care is, availability for session schedules.

Q. What is 24x7 Library Access?
Ans. Its an online repository for all the registered students at EXACKT, whose details are shared separately.
Fee Details
₹7,500 ₹15,000 50% off
Module I <> ₹2,500 ₹5,000 50% off
Module II <> ₹4,000 ₹5,000 20% off
Module III <> ₹2,500 ₹5,000 50% off

(2 Days Free Demo Classes Available)

This program includes

  • Online/Offline Sessions
  • 22+ Projects (Minor/Major)
  • 50+ Practical Hands-On
  • Practical Hands-On Kit (Not Take-Away)
  • Project Assistance
  • 24×7 Library Access
  • Internship Certification
  • Optional Global Certificate (Fee not included)
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  • Students need to pay & register separately if they are registering for multiple courses simultaneously.
  • Fees paid for one student is not transferable to the others
  • Fees once paid for registration, can not be refunded back.
  • Fees paid for "Training" can be refunded on special circumstances and if the classes were never started after demo.
  • For payments made through online gateway by Credit/Debit Card, you can cancel order anytime up to the cut-off time of the slot for which you have made the payment by calling our support team
  • For any cancelled payment, a refund will be issued to the original payment mode within 7-10 working days by the payment gateway itself. In case of any concern, you can call our customer support
  • EXACKT holds all the rights regarding any changes/upgradation in the policies
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Awesome Support

Get a 24×7 Support after getting enrolled with us for the queries and projects as well

Global Recognition

Get a global certificate by the recognized Organization or Universities

Practical Exposure

A place where you’ll find all the necessary Tools to get an environment of Industry

360 Degree Development

Get Trained & Get Placed with our 360 Degree Learning Solutions

Easy Timings

Suitable batch timings and dedicated trainer with both Online and Offline sessions as per your comfort

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Words By Our Students

Shanmukh Krishna

IIT ISM Dhanbad

I was a noob before interacting with this people.Now I'm good at embedded systems and robotics....Thank you everyone present there for shaping us.

Deepi Singh

IIT Roorkee

I am an IIT Roorkee graduate. I was always fascinated by the world of robotics and participated in various technical fests and competitions. During one such competition in IIT Roorkee, I needed some help with my project related to electronic circuits. I contacted Techfleeters for their expertise in the area and they were proved to be really helpful and had a great knowledge in the field. I couldn't thank them enough for their help.

Gaurav Dwivedi

NIT Raipur

Best place to learn Python and Machine Learning. We attended workshop by EXACKT and it was awesome. I would recommend everyone to join this place if you really want to learn something practically

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