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Team EXACKT has conducted over 200+ workshop in 100+ colleges and schools for over 10000 students. We offer various training programs and workshop to their students in both offline and online mode of classes. The Practical workshop are generally 6 Hours (1 Day) to 30 Hours (7 Days). EXACKT has also started to provide webinar to the tech-aspiring people who cant travel and attend the sessions physically. For such participants we have Webinar in technologies like Machine Learning, AI, NLP, Web Scrapping, Robotics, Embedded Systems, Raspberry Pi, Jetson AI, Deep Learning, Android, AWS, Unity App Development, Web Development, Django, Angular JS, Node JS, React JS, Image Processing, Automation, IoT, Cloud Computing and many more.

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Words by our students

Shanmukh Krishna

IIT ISM Dhanbad

I was a noob before interacting with this people.Now I'm good at embedded systems and robotics....Thank you everyone present there for shaping us.

Deepi Singh

IIT Roorkee

I am an iit gradutae. I was always facinated by the world of robotics and participated in various technical fests and competitions. During one such competition in iit Roorkee, I needed some help with my project related to electronic cirtuits. I contacted techfleeters for their expertise in the area and they were proved to be really helpful and had a great knowledge in the field. I couldn't thank them enough for their help.

Gaurav Dwivedi

NIT Raipur

Best place to learn Python and Machine Learning. We attended workshop by EXACKT and it was awesome. I would recommend everyone to join this place if you really want to learn something practically

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